King Of Pentacles

A listless man sits impatiently on his throne. He’s gazing into the distance and not paying any attention to his environment. He holds his staff loosely, as †if he doesn’t care if he wields it or not. You enjoy the finer things in life and are willing to work hard for them. Although you want the best, you don’t expect it handed to you.

Gilded Tarot
King Of Pentacles

At this point, you have worked hard and long ; you’ve wielded your authority and talent wisely. You would like to set down responsibility, even for just a while, and indulge yourself in the good things life has to offer. Be aware of becoming lazy or dependent on material possessions. Your love of luxury could overcome your practical nature and lead to debt. Although you may be seduced by the good life, you’ll find that the “good life” alone cannot satisfy you.

The Court Cards

Reference: The Guilded Tarot Companion: Barbra Moore

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