The Eleventh House

The Need For Friendship – Social Life And Circle – Shared Interests And Ideas – Group Activities – Social Causes – How We Blend With The Needs Of The Group
The Eleventh House At A Glance
House Classification: Fixed
Opposite House: Fifth
Natural Ruler: Uranus/ Saturn
Natural Sign: Aquarius
Core meaning: Expanding self-awareness through wider social issues
Outer Meanings: Friends, groups, hopes, and wishes

Where the tenth house describes our standing in society as an individual, the eleventh defines our relationship to society on the collective level. This is the house of groups and friends, where we seek to identify with something greater than ourselves – as opposed to the fifth, where the focus is on exploring our self-identity for own pleasure.

Although both houses are concerned with self-expression, the eleventh is not really self-oriented, for it operates in a social setting that requires us to temper the desire to express ourselves with the need to get along with others.

On a day-to-day basis, the eleventh house concerns what are loosely called ‘friends’. These are not intimate friendships which properly belong to the seventh house, but acquaintances from our wider social circle – people we meet regularly, perhaps at the local pub or health club, or at parties.

On a broader scale, this house denotes the kind of organizations that we might be tempted to join, because they embody the same interests or social ideas as our own.

This house is also referred to as a house of ambition , and it is common to find people with an eleventh house emphasis actively involved in public life, having climbed their way up the organization hierarchy. But, whatever the goals, eleventh house ambitions, unlike the tenth, cannot be achieved purely through individual effort – they need the support of the group.

Planets In The Eleventh House
Apart from revealing the kind of social life and friends that attract us, planets in this house show our need to identify with a social cause or group.

The Sun in the eleventh, for instance, has a strong need for a group identity as does the Moon. However, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto may find the group ethos too restrictive, although Pluto can just as readily aim for a position of influence within a group.

Reference: Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland