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In all faces is seen the face of faces Veiled as in a mirror

Moon Magic is a celebration of the influence the Moon has on the Earth and itsInhabitants. Explaining clearly why the Moon wanes each month. This regular phenomenon can be harnessed to maximize the positive effects of these gravitational forces on our own lives. Moon Phases-Introduction since earliest times our ancestors have recognized that the Moon has the power to move the great Waters of the Worlds oceans, and she also exerts a profound influence on the lives of all things that live on this planet.

Now, more and more people are becoming extremely aware of the fact that the ever-changing rhythms of the Moon affect our moods and emotions, our very deepest impulses and our actions and behaviour. As she passes through her different phases, the Moon`s rhythmic movement sets up a kind of beat– A dynamic and constantly changing energy that washes through us, like the coming and going of the tides.

How we behave and how we respond to many stimuli around us springs from our personal interaction with the lunar beat. Learning to tap into this tempo, to work in tune with the rhythm, means that we can capitalize on the energy of the moment . It means that, rather than fight against the trends, we can go with the flow and harmonize our efforts with the prevailing forces of Nature. Falling out of step with these natural rhythms can all too often result in frustration, depression and a feeling of dislocation, as we waste large amounts of our time and energy struggling against the tide.

The angles of the Moon forms with the Sun, the relationships that she establishes with the other planets and her alignment with the astrological signs . All form a rich pattern of natural energies that underlines everything we do in the course of our daily lives. It is this natural pattern – essentially subtle and yet intense-that we all need to recognize in order to harness lunar Energy, harmonize with our times and make the very most of every moment. Learn to capture this magic for yourself and improve your life.

High in the sky, the Moon shines like a beacon in the night, guiding the wanderer, and the sea farer on their way. As regularly as clockwork, her constantly changing face marks the passage of time for each and every all that live on the face of the earth.

Lunar Rhythms
Serene and romantic, the Moon’s silver disc lights up the dark mid-night skies and transforms everything she touches with her pallid, eerie beams, Inconstant, because of her ever changing shape, the Moon fascinates and inspires artists, entrances lovers and illuminates the wanderer’s path. Time was when people could reckon the passing of time by a simple glance of the Moon – The cyclical pattern of her changing shape is as regular as precision clockwork.

Today, huddled in our urban conurbations, city lights obscure our view of the night sky and we consult our hi-tech digital watches rather than the planetary patterns overhead. Yet the Moon’s changing face follows a precise pattern that repeats itself unfailingly every month. From the Ner Moon, through first quarterto Full, to last Quarter and back to New again, the cycle takes 29 and a half days to complete.

Lunar Phases
Four main Lunar phases divide each month – New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter. But, since the Moon is constantly wither waxing or waning, as it travels round the earth, changing shape each night, its cycle can be broken down further, into eight obvious stages.

The first four stages are waxing or increasing moons; the next four are the waning or decreasing moons; the ninth stage brings the cycle back to the beginning again, as follows:
1-New Moon
2-First/Waxing Crescent
3-First Quarter
4-Waxing Gibbous Moon
5-Full Moon
6-Waning Gibbous or DisseminatingMoon
7-Last Quarter
8-Waning Crescent or Disseminating `Moon 9-And back to–the New Moon Whichever stage it is in,the waxing Moon takes the shape of aDand the waning Moon aC say to yourself that theD equals Developing, or increasing, in size, while the CEquals Contracting , or getting smaller.

Some law enforcement agencies, for example have noticed a significant rise in violent crime around the time of the Full Moon. In a totally different area of expertise, prominent surgeons have observed certain variations in the rate of blood flow. As far as they can see, they appear to tie in with different phases of the Moon`s cycle. An individual who is born during the fortnight of the increasing Moon would be imbued with its corresponding waxing characteristics.

Reflected Glory
The Moon actually emits no light of it own. It shines because it reflects the light it receives from the Sun. As the Moon circles the Earth,rays of sunlight strikes its surface and illuminates different portions of its face. At that point in its journey, when it lies directly between us and the Sun, the Moon cannot reflect any light back to Earth since the Sunrays strike the face of the Moon that is pointing away from us. This renders the Moon invisible from Earth-a point in its cycle known as the Moons dark phase.

As the Moon moves out of the direct line to sweep around Earth, the Suns rays strike at an angle. The first sign of the New Moon,a slender silver eyelash in the darkened sky, Begins to appear.This is the start of the Moons waxing phase and, from now, as more and more of its face is illuminated by the Sun, the Moon appears to increase in size each night until it reaches half-way around the earth. At this point, the Moon is at its farthest from the Sun, in direct opposition, so that its Whole face is lit up by sunlight. In this position, it is the Full Moon that is seen from the Earth.

From here, the Moon begins the second half of its journey around the Earth. As it sweeps around us in its approach to the Sun, it reverses its phases and, with less and less of its face lit up by the Sun, it appears to wane, or decrease. It wanes from Full to Last Quarter, to the Crescent and finally, to invisibility again when it aligns itself between the Earth and Sun once more.

Moon Illusion
The illusion that the Moon appears larger when low in the sky than when viewed overhead, despite the fact that the retinal image is the same size in both cases.

Reference: moon Magic: Lori Reid…Read More

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