Cats Eye-Gomeda

Rahu and Ketu are two shadowy planets, that are actually not planets but the nodes. The ascending node or caput or Dragon’s head is Rahu, while the descending node or cauda or Dragon’s tail is Ketu. In Indian astrology Rahu is taken as second Saturn and ketu is taken as a second mars. In addition they also behave like the planets, which rule the sign where they are deposited. Rahu rules Gomedha and ketu rules Cat’s eye.

General Characteristics of Gomedha (Hessonite)

its colour is like a cow’s urine.

Helps the wearer in regard to professional advancement, finances, and wealth.

Highly recommended where Rahu is in the 10th house or/and person involved is in politics.

Those who are involved in the legal profession may aldo wear Gomedia.

Vey useful for undiagnosed diseases, where its use facilitates fast diagnosis.

It protects the wearer from unforeseen calamities and disease during voyages.

General Characteristics of Cat’s Eye

it resembles Nimbori (Neem’s fruit) with a silver streak. However, it comes in variegated colours.

It is effective when Ketu’s placing is not good in the chart and Ketu is causing ill-reputation and increased rivalries.

Those who are prone to scandals and loss of reputation may use it.

It relieves fear of hardships and increases determination.

It works well when Ketu is placed in 6th, 8th and 12h houses of Venus.

Usage in Ailments

Allergies – both combined or alone.

Brain/Breast tumors – Gomedha + Emerald

Other cancers – Gomedha in copper plus cat’s eye.

Colic – Cat’s Eye

Haemorrhages – Cat’s Eye

General Infection – Gomedha

Pyorrhea – Gomedha in silver

Cats Eye-Diamonds
LaganaRahu’s auspicious signKetu’s auspicious sign

Who should wear them: Three conditions should be fulfilled.

In the major periods of Rahu/Ketu only.

When the placings are auspicious (as mentioned above) and they are aspected/conjuncted by functional malefics of horoscope i.e.,lords of 6, 8 and 12 houses.

Wearer is concerned with the above mentioned effects or want to ward off malefic influences.

How to Wear Them

(a) Gomedha. Weight minimum 6 Ratti. Finger is 2nd and metal is gold or silver. However, females prefer platinum ring in left hand on 2nd or 3rd finger and the males should use panchdhatu in the right hand.

The best time to wear is Saturday noon or midnight (night of Saturday/Sunday). The day falling or Ardra,Swati and Satabhisha stars is preferred.Mantra Om Bharang Bhareeng Bharong sau Rahuye namah” should be recited 18,000 times ideally, pooja should be performed with blue flowers and Chandan. Native should also donate sweets to crows and money to leprosy patients on the next day (if done at midnight) or same day(if done at noon). Inimical gems are Ruby, Pearl and Coral.

(b) Cat’ Eye. Minimum weight is 5 rattis and finger is 3rd. Metal is silver.Timing is same as for Gomedha while day preferred is Saturday falling as Aswini magha and Moola stars. The mantra is “Om prang preeng paroong sau Ketuye namah” and it should be recited 18,000 times ideally. Poooja should be done with red flowers and Chandan and one should donate food articles to stray dogs and offer service to elderly people. Inimical gem is none.

in my opinion these gems should not be preferred unless really needed. B3etter if we use depositor’s of nodes, if they are benefic in the lagana even in the major period of nodes. As already mentioned nodes have to behave in the same nature that is of their depositor, i.e., the lord of the si8gn when they are placed.

Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology: Dr.Neeraj lalwani