Year of the Cat 2023 – East-Meets West-Chinese Astrology

Year of the CAT 2023- East – Meets West – Chinese Astrology

Cat is Yin. Cat is the fourth sign of the Chinese horoscope.

Cats have the following characteristics:
Tact – Prudence – Fitnesse – Longevity – Virtue – Ambition

Cat Sins may include:
Secretiveness – Dilettantism – Squeamishness – Hypochondria – Pedantry – Complexity.

Since first I began to be identifies with Chinese astrology, people have written, phoned and practically threatened my life because I call the third Chinese sign Cat instead of what they deem the traditional Rabbit or Hare.

You may call it hippopotamus if you want, but as far as I am concerned this sign’s called Cat. For so long as I shall dabble in this horoscopial fun and games it’s Cat for me.

The Cat person is immediately identifiable by his air of refinement. Cats don;t favor ostentation. Be he a lumber-jacketed colossus or a peasant woman in Burgundy, the president of a bank or a ballerina, the Cat bespeaks good taste and chic.

Cats are drawn to the classical and tend towards clothing and furnishings, cars and even mates of the low-key variety. Cat interiors reek comfort and elegance. Velvets and earth colors and beiges. Deep armchairs and buttery leather couches.

Cats are never boring. They are sincerely interested in history, art, music, the theatre, dance, cuisine and so on, and never tire of companion-able discussion.

Although this curiosity about the finer things in life is very real, the Cat is not likely to appear in a long red sequined gown at the preiere, a Cat will usually stay at home in a sumptuously understated decor and listen to a perfect recording.

Cats avoid almost all conflict. They prefer peace and quite to noise and hubbub and they refuse all involvement in situations or relationships that threathen to be stormy.

You can tease and taunt a Cat person but you will rarely get much of a reaction The Cat will lift his head, shiver his whiskers, slither out between your ankles and go lie by the fire- alone.

Tradition and custom are important to the Cat. Celebrations in Cat families are usually in honor of real holidays. Picture a home where everyone is dressed to the nines. Papa is carving the turkey. Momma sets the plum pudding alight and the children sit up straight in their chairs with wonder shining forth from their well-behaved stares. Chez le Chat it always seems as though there’s enough money and plenty to eat and God is in His Heaven.

Some people think Cats are snooty. They are.’t. They are however a bit on the distant side. Cats do a lot of “slip-sliding away,” and for this reason they sometimes appear unfriendly. But really Cats are shy of strangers and do not value novelty. Therfore, if you meet an attractive Cat, don’t throw youself at him or her. If you seem mannaerly and look refined, the Cat may just crawl into your lap and purr.
Cats are very generous.

If there are a few complications in a loan, you can count on a Cat friend for help. Cats make money and very often keep it. They are careful about spending and never waste funds. More-over you should borrow from a Cat, you must pay the money back. Cats are meticously careful about such things as interest and deadlines.

Cats are wise. They give good advice and will follow up their own counsel with action. They may seem a bit prissy and too well dressed to pitch in and do their part. But watch the Cat’s style when they tie an apron over their designer clothes and dig into a pile of dirty dishes.

Cats are healthy and all-around good guys. They might go a bit pale at the hint of a clash or the sight of blood. But never mind. When cats get back on their paws, in their gentle strong way they prove to be some of the best leaders and organizers in all humankind.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White.

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