Gemini – May 21 – June 21-2

They are endlessly curious and experimental. They loathe routine and fear stagnation. They are generalists; they can, and usually do express cogent opinions on almost any subject, although their knowledge is apt to be superficial. Mentally quick, they none the less often lack the Taureans’ capacity for deep, productive, singly focused thought. Befitting their sign, the Twins are skilled at seeing two sides, or all of the possible sides, of any question.

In love they are dubious partners, characteristically flighty and inclined to be overtly intellectual, clinical, and cold. They may be sexually curious but are seldom truly sensual. Geminis prefer to keep their options open and their commitments light. For them deep involvement is tamount to entrapment.

The twins are venturesome. A Gemini in a family is the member most likely to leave home in search of a larger arena for his or her talents and appetites. It is the Twins ‘ bane that once they find their wider world they may feel achingly alone in it, despite their apparent extroversion. Given their charm, ready wit, and facility with words, they can easily present themselves as capable and confident. Only those closest to them are likely to see the insecurity that heir confidence masks. The troubled actress Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe were both Geminis.

The twins seldom take themselves seriously. They are often actors, in life as well as by profession. They like to experiment with roles, discarding them as the glamour wears thin or new possibilities beckon. Gemini also boasts a number of diplomats and word-wielding politicians under its aegis-John F. Kennedy was one- along with a large number of writers, especially of long books. Thomas Mann and William Styron are among the many Gemini authors.Gemini is the zodiac’s adolescent . The advantage of this characteristic is that Geminis usually stay young in spirit throughout their lives. They retain their sense of humor and stay mentally flexible and open to new ideas.

Nevertheless, the Twins fear age. Ironically, they often come into their own in their middle years, when they have learnt to distill what is important from what is merely idly charming. Until they reach this point, they must struggle with the sign’s particular demon all talk, no action . Word-besotted Geminis are forever beset by ephemeral enthusiasms. For them, to discuss an idea is wonderful and magical, but to implement it is tiresome. They are the masters of half finished projects, the thought abandoned short of fruition once talking stops and tedious work begins.

The Twins’ manifest intellectual gifts often bring them great success wit no real effort-but they are hard put to sustain it. Thus the chore of Geminis is to learn perseverence and cultivate depth. They must aspire to substance as well as to style. They must take themselves, and their words, seriously.

Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown/ Cosmic Consciousness

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