The Container of Life


Earth is concerned with the realm of the senses – the physical world that surrounds us. It symbolizes the environment in which growth takes place. The Earth signs embody the concept of containment – plant a seed and Earth will protect and nurture it, bringing it to fruition.


Unlike fire, Earth is a stabilizing influence. Its focus is on using available resources to achieve practical ends. People with a healthy smattering of planes in Earth signs have little difficulty in adpating to the limitations of physical reality. Often blessed with physical stamnia and self-discipline, they will usually persevere when others give up. Earth types may not be fired with a strong sense of vision, but they compensate for this shortcoming with a fine instinct for what can and cannot be done.

In short, Earth enables dreams to become reality. Earth signs have a highly developed sense of stewardship, and can be relied upon to take care of the affairs on which the other more flighty and fluid signs have difficulty concentrating. As might be expected, Earth also has a strong affinity with Nature, and people with planets in these signs may devote their energies to supporting or working for environmental issues.


An over-emphasis of planets in Earth signs often indicates an instinct for maintaining the status quo against the instability of change. At best these types make stout defenders of traditional values. At worst they can be highly acquisitive, concerned only with indulging their fondness for money, food, sex, and all the pleasures of the flesh.


Those with few or no planets in Earth signs in their chart often find it difficult to keep their feet on the ground, or to get to grips with the practical essentials of everyday life. They may also have problems settling down, or finding fulfilling work. lacking the ‘grounding’ of Earth, they are also likely to suffer from destabilizing mood swings, and can have an unhealthy disregard for their daily bodily needs.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer:Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland