The Element Of Air

The Breath of Life

The Air Signs: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Air is concerned with the realm od ideas, perception and the rational mind. It symbolizes the winds of change, that bring fresh opportunities for growth. The Air signs embody the concept of dissemination – exchanging and spreading information.

Air, is the element of creative thought . That does not mean that people with this element strong in their charts are astrology’s eggheads; they simply view the world from an objective perspective – detached from the swirling undercurrents of emotions and feelings.

This gives them a ‘switchboard’ menality for processing vast amounts of information, which they can then turninto abstract concepts or theories. At their best, their active, analytical minds can make sense of the relationship between ‘things:’.

Ait types are usually sociable, for they need to exercise their minds through the constant exchange of ideas. While this makes them natural communicators, it is no guarantee that what they have to say has much substance. The lack of emotional depth that characterizes this Element means that many Air types feel more at ease when skimming along life’s surface.

People with an excess of planets in Air signs in their chats, are usually extremely restless. Their overactive minds make them hungry for new experiences, but they rarely settle long enough to form genuinely intimate relationships.
With their heads firmly lodged in the clouds, keeping a grip on the day-to-day affairs of life might prove a challange too far; unless they match their huge reserves of mental energy with self-discipline.

People with few or no planets in Air signs often struggle to articulate their thoughts or ideas. They may also lack the social graces that mark the Air signs as masters of small talk, and they can find it difficult to get along with others easily to adapt to new ideas. At worst, these types find it hard to distance themselves from, or anticipate the affects, of their actions.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer:Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland