Leo/Rat – 2

As Leo/Rat people have a lot to give, they tend to demand partners whose dimensions permit the gracious reception of hordes of expressions of their devotion. Ifa leo/rat loves somebody deeply and fondly and tenderly, it is very often irrevocably forever. The Leo/rat is so busy getting places and once he is there, staying there, that he doesn’t really like to make time for dalliance. He prefers to use his extraordinary imagination to maintain an existing passion than to go out seeking new ones that may only disappoint or deceive him. As I said before, the Leo/Rat invests himself in his relationships, both public and private. he cannot abide disloyalty.

If you love a Leo/Rat and he/she loves you back, you had better hustle to find ways to amuse and entertain this active monster mind. You can expect shortness of temper and loud yawns of utter boredom to emanate from any LeoRat person forced to be idle for half a minute. If he sits down, don’t think he’s going to stay down. He’s just waiting for you to fire the starting gun and up and out he will be in a flash. Loving one of these people means expending both energy and emotion. You cannot be only partially in love with a Leo/rat. He or she will make scenes and cause you untold horrors if you exhibit hesitations about the relation-ship’s solidity. Be confident. Otherwise … well, I’d rather not discuss it. But for Leo/Rats there is no such thing as “otherwise.”

You get on with bunches of types. Your best bet is an Ox subject chosen from among Gemini, Libra, Capricorn or Sagittarius subjects. Other allies can be found for you amid the Dragon family-especially Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn/Dragons. Aries, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn/Monkeys are fine for you too. You are indeed popular. But skirt the haunts of the likes of Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius/Horses. And don’t go getting yourself involved with either a Scorpio or an Aquarius/Cat.

Leon Uris

The Leo/Rat is a provider. Going out into the world and fetching back stores and stores full of wares, which will then be stocked and stashed and displayed on shelves, in cupboards and in closets, is one main pleasure of the Leo/Rat. Moreover, Leo/Rat likes to protect his family from harm and cold and shelter them in sumptuous surroundings.
You won’t see a Leo/Rat dragging back to his hovel from a hard day at the mine, and greeting his worn-looking wife and sooty kids with a grunt. Never. This person wants to be greeted at the door of his chateau after a busy, energetic day in the outside world by a bejewelled, intelligent and witty mate who has just spoken to the president and the first lady about an intimate dinner they’ll share next Wednesday in Leo/Rat’s red room.

And the children? Preferably Noble Prize winners who look like Brooke Shields and speak fourteen languages at age three. Leo/Rats just don’t quit with their quest for excellence. The Leo/Rat child will be demanding and bright. He or she needs lots of very top-drawer education and careful cultural guidance. Don’t be surprised by this kid’s interest in absolutely everything that has to do with power. Leo/Rats are not interested in namby-pamby activities, and will only seek to achieve in areas where stardom is the objective.

As enterprise and attack are the chief talents of the Leo/Rat. it’s obvious that this person can expect to gain glories in managerial and entrepreneurial fields. If money is available, the Leo/rat can start his own business and run with it to the end of his life. But if he is not wealthy and has to start at the bottom, the Leo/Rat will always distinguish himself by his tireless energy and innovation in work situations. No boss worth his salt would not promote this masterful character to head of the department, chief of operations or vice president in charge of presidents. To attempt to keep a Leo/rat down is folly. This person will always seek to rise above and get ahead of his co-workers.

He will only prove a good employee if his specialness is recognized and intelligently utilized. I can’t think of anything more annoying than a nervous, energetic Leo/Rat in a lazy snap job-disgruntled? Oh, my. This sign’s inborn desire to assist his fellows and exert beneficent power qualifies Leo/Rat for all political positions-especially president. He may also make a fine professor whose side-line is writing books and making speeches around the world on his pet subject. Of course the Leo/rat will make an excellent owner of any type of business and could even be a successful farmer on a grand scale. he won’t be too handy at manual tasks, and prefers to be in a position to pay people to fix things for him.

Some successful Leo/Rats: James Baldwin. Yves St. Laurent, Leon Uris, Gene Kelly, Mata Hari

Reference: The New Astrology: The Chinese and Western: Suzanne White