Gemini – May 21- June 21


Gemini is the third sign of the occidental zodiac

Gemini has the following characteristics: Quick-wittedness- Versatility- Perspicacity-Performance-Flexibility-Dexterity.

Gemini sins may include: Impatience-Self-deception-Glibness-Superficiality-Inconstancy-indecisiveness.

After the heaviness of Taurus comes the airy agility of Gemini, the Twins. Taureans are bound to earth, to the literal and concrete, but Geminis soar in the ether of abstractions, ideas, and -most of all -words. The twins are the zodiac’s wordsmiths, the lovers of language, the poets and bards, the verbal magicians, spin doctors. In the zodiacal quadrant where Gemini falls, Aries initiates life’s energy. and Taurus gives it solidity and form.

The Twins expand it, extend it, and turn it towards interconnection and communication. Astrology holds that they are the nerve synapse of culture, the facilitators who coordinate information and pass it along. Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, weds a silver tongue to a quicksilver temperament. Twins crave experience, variety, mobility, change, company banter, and intellectual play.

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