The Element Of Fire

The Spark Of Life

The Fire Signs: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Fire is concerned with raw energy. It symbolizes the inspirational world of pure spirit, Free of hidden depths and dark subtleties. The fire signs embody the idea of ‘the spark of life’, the will to live and the spiritual energy that ignites and sustains all existence.

The Nature of Fire
Fire is optimistic. It believes in, and creates its own luck. Consequently, Fire types tackle life in an uncomplicated fashion, confronting obstacles they meet head on, with an almost childlike innocence.

Disarmingly direct and honest, even when serving their own interests, Fire types need space to express themselves freely and spontaneously.

They are usually immensely assertive, and often pursue their goals with passion and conviction.
Fire signs are rarely short of confidence, and people with a generous spread of planets in this Element are renowned for their powers of self-motivation and for their ability to ‘fire up’ others with enthusiam.

Just in case this all sounds too good to be true, the down side is that Fire lacks consistency, a sense of caution and the patience to deal with detail.

Fire-dominant types:
In a birth chart, an excess of planets in Fire signs often reveals itself as restless enthusiam. In fact, these types are often full of energy – always wanting something to happen – that they never know when to stop.

On the other hand, they can also be domineering and arrogant, with a brethtaking ability to forget that others have needs as well.

All their worst, these types can be over-confident, vain and ruthless – in short, unrestrained egomaniacs.

Fire – lacking types:
For those with few or no planets in their sigs, pragmatism is likely to take preference over passion. They often suffer from low vitality, and a tendency to despondency, cav ing in easily in the face of adversity. And they can be something of a kill-joy, inclined to expect the worst.

Although they can take a long time to recover from major setbacks, they are often able to draw on endless reserves of patience.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer:Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland