Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj/Pushprag

Pukhraj or Pushprag or yellow sapphire is used for getting the benevolent blessings of Jupiter. It is an inexpensive stone and denotes righteousness, piety and truthfulness. It is often recommended for economic prosperity. Persons who are ruled by Jupiter or those who have Jupiter as benefic or yogakaraka, must wear a Pukhraj.

A Few Universal Indications of Wearing Pukhraj are:
Sagittarius or Pisces ascendant.
Jupiter being a benefic placed in 6, 8, an d 12 houses.
Jupiter being a benefit in Capricorn sign.
Jupiter being a benefic placed in 6 and 8 houses from its sign an d/or aspected by Saturn.
Jupiter being 2ns lord in 9th or 4th lord in 11th or 7th lord in 2nd or 9th lord in 4th or 10th lord in 5th.
Retrograde Jupiter (Benefic in chart) placed in Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces signs (where it has no benefic strength).

General Characteristics of Pukhraj
It is beneficial for political and intellectual success.
Transforms the native in to a highly pious and religious person. Protects the wearer from ev il thoughts.
Protects the native from damages during long voyages.
Blesses one with child and facilitates marriage of a girl.
Promotes service matters, increments of professional interest.

Use of Pukhraj in Curing Diseases
Pukhraj alone – Jaundice
with red coral – Impotency, anaemia, bladder ailments
with red coral in copper – Hernia
with red coral in gold – hysteria
with white coral – Eczema
with emerald and pearl – Epilepsy
Pukhraj For Various Ascendants

Aries: Jupiter, lord of 9th and 12th houses, being an auspicious planet, also becomes yogakarak when placed in the stars of the sun/the moon/ Jupiter. Wearing Pukhraj will make the native intellectual, charitable and bestows him with good fortune. Here Jupiter in the 4th house may take the native to the top when Pukhraj is used in Jupiter’s period. on the whole, Pukhraj is an auspicious gem for them.

Taurus: Being lord of 8th and 11th houses, Jupiter is not auspicious for this ascendant. Pukhraj is not recommended for this ascendant. Pukhraj is not recommended for this ascendant, except on a few rare occasions.

Gemini: Here Jupiter suffers from Kendradhipati dosha* (lord of 2 kendra houses – Ref chapter 17: Fundementals of Wearing Gems). When Jupiter s placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th houses, use of Pukhraj especially promotes professional life but before suggesting it one should carefully observe the age and illnesses in the chart as Jupiter is suffering kendradhipatidosha.

Cancer: jupiter as the lord of Bhagya is an auspicious planet for this ascendant and the use of Pukhraj is highly recommended, Jupiter in the star of the sun also becomes yogakaraka and these natives should always wear Pukhraj. Pukhra\j may b less the native with good children, high education, wealth, name and fame, Jupiter’s placement in the 1st or 9th house facilitate Rajayoga when Pukhraj is worn.

Leo: Jupiter being the 5th and 8th lord becomes an auspicious planet for this nativity. Moreover Jupiter in the star of the Sun/Jupiter also becomes yogakaraka planet. Though Ruby is the recommended gem for them, use of Pukhraj is also useful especially when periods of Jupiter are running or Jupiter is afflicted or ill disposed.

Virgo: Here Jupiter suffers from Kendradhipati. His placement in Venus star makes him yogakarak planet. Jupiter when placed in 1st,2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, and 11th houses, one may wear a Pukhraj, but proper calculation of age is very essential. Get expert’s, advice before wearing it.

Libra: Jupiter the 3rd/6th lord is not considered an auspicious planet for this ascendant. But placement of Jupiter in the moon star, in its own house or while running its own main period are the few favourable in dictations for wearing a Pukhraj.

Scorpio: Jupiter b ecomes the ascendant lord )also the lord of the 4th). Its placement in the star of the sun, Mercury or Jupiter makes him a yogakaraka planet. These natives may always wear Pukhraj is a highly recommended gem for them. Red coral along with Pukhraj makes an ideal combination.

Sagittarius: Jupiter becomes the ascendant lord (also the lord of the 4th). Its placement in the star of the sun, Mercury or Jupiter makes him a yogakaraka planet. These natives may always wear Pukhraj. They can also wear a Ruby along with Pukhraj.

Capricorn: Being the lord of the 3rd and 12th houses, Jupiter is not an auspicious planet for this ascendant. Pukhraj is not recommended for capricornians.

Aquarius: Jupiter being the 2nd and 11th lord of Aquarius ascendant, wearing of pukhraj should be done with caution.

Pisces: Here Jupiter becomes the ascendant lord and also rules 10th house. It also becomes benefic when placed in the star of the moon . Pukhraj is highly recommended for them to ac hieve success especially if Jupiter is placed in its own sign. It may confer rajayoga especially during the period of Jupiter. Pukhraj with red coral is a very good combination for them.

More about Pukhraj:it’s weight should not be less than 3 rattis (never 6/11/15 rattis). It should be set in gold on Monday or Thursday preferably if Pushya nakshatra** [refer to Appendix 4] rules that day or when Jupiter is transiting through its exaltation sign Cancer or in its own sign, Pisces or Sagittarius. It should be preferably worn on Thursdays within an hour of sunrise or an hour before sunset, on the index finger.

The star should be Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorvabhadra or Pushya. Inimical gems for Pukhraj are diamond and blue Sapphire. Articles to b e don ated are yellow pulses, turmeric and yellow clothes.
The prescribed mantra to inculate strength into the Pukhtaj is om jram jrim jrim jroum sah guravenamah and it5 should be ideally recited 1900 times before wearing the Pukhraj. Pooja should be done with yellow flowers to Guru yantra and the above-mentioned mantra should be recited 108 times.

Its life is 4 years, 3 mon this and 18 days. Afterwards it should be changed , but never take it off, once you have worn it with the above mentioned rituals.

Reference: Gem Therapy In Vedic Astrology: Dr.Neeraji Lalwani