LIBRA-RAT- East Meets West Astrology

LIBRA-RAT- East Meets West Astrology

Justice – Quarrelsomeness-Nervousness – Appeal – Aesthetica – Manipulation – Influence – Verbosity – Charm – Procrastination – Acqisitiveness – Thrift – Gentility – Self-Confidence – Thirst For Power – Sociability – Equilibrium – Indecision – Intellectual Skill – Guile – Idealism – Talkativeness – Charisma – Meddling

” I Balance” Air, Venus, Cardinal

“I Rule” Positive Water, Yin

A gifted combination, to say the least. Libra/Rat lives in a perpetual state of hopefulness. Libra/Rat wants to break the bank at Mont Carlo and star in a play on Broadway and write a bestseller and beget – or better still, be-the president of the United States. And when she is finished with those incdentials, she would like to take time out to win the Noble prize.

Libra/Rats are almost self-destructively ambitious. They cannot leave the quest for supremacy alone. As their truest gifts lie exclusively within the ralms of poetry and fancy, real power-that is, power over others-rarely, if ever, enters their tiny little fingers.

These people, too, are gabby. They are exhaustingly communicative. They want to tell it all, all the timeand in the most excruciating detail.

It’s easy to enjoy this person’s company. Libra/Rats are affable and open. They are curious about others and show quick compassion for their interlocutor’s problems and desires. Libra/Rat is a fascinating sign. These subjects intrigue and plot and gossip their whole lives away. They behave in convoulted and complex fashion. They are both avaricious and generous. They like to have money and so they can give it away to those they deem worthy.They are idealist and extreme.

Libra/Rats want to dominate. Yet they are not nasty or authoritarian people. Their method of controlling others is unusual. Libra/Rats control through sweetness. They endear themselves through their apparent guilnelessness to those they admire and seek company of. By this charming means, the Libra/Rat manages to become indispensable to those who love him or her.

Once you have a Libra/Rat as a friend you will have no end of companionship. But neither will you be alone-ever again.

Libras and Rats both tend to talk out thie inner feelings as a method of problem-solving. Neither sign is violent. Neither personality suffers from stodginess. As a resul, There is a quality of lightness that surronds this character, of amiability and an almost childlike candor. Thing is the attitude is just that.

The overt sincerity we encounter in this person is a bit of an act. Libra/Rats pretend to be simple folks.They come on plain spoken “How D’ya do.” But watch out. Before you know it you’ll be out maneuvered by this wily sunshine.

Libra/Rat is feverishly sensitive. He is capable of inspiring an audience to high-blown ideas. Librans born in Rat years have a remarkable memory for detail and a giant capacity for creation. Both Rat and Libra are deeply roothed in tradition. Customs and religion die hard in the minds of these exacting creatures.

For a feisty Rat person to be born un der the aesthetic sign of Libra is indeed a blessing. Libra’s gentility tames the Rat’s occasional harshness.The oft-prejudiced Rat personality benefits from Libra’s sense of justice and picks up subtlety in the bargain.The combination certainly does’t want for manipulativeness, does not lack charisma.

The Libra/Rat takes his or her feelings very seriously. Emotion is, to the Libra/Rat, a commodity that he or she dispenses with great care and discrimination. Once he has taken a sweetheart , the plot very definitely thickens. Romance is not something to be trifled with where Libra/Rat is concerned. Moreover, he is never unfaithful to love itself-only to his lover and mistress.

If you love one of these crafty beauties, I suggest you invest in some velvet gloves. “Handle With Care” is stamped all over the tenderness center of Libra/Rat .This is a vocal lover. He or she will come on strong. The inital impact will surely be noteworthy. You cannot ignore this effervescent character. Like fine champagne, this person requires a little stirring up to get rid of the excess bubbly.Then, sip slowly and enjoy.

You are fatally attracted by Geminis, Leos, Sagittarians, Aquarians. Narrow the field of choice from among these signs to Monkey people. They not only apopeal to you but they have something to offeryou in return.

You like Dragons and Oxen, so choose them, if you prefer, from the same sign groups as the Monkeys. Leo/Dragons are a bit much for your equilibrium, so leave that one alone if you can.I don’t believe you can be happy forever with an Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn/Horse-or any other Horse subject, for that matter. Cats born in Cancer or Capricorn are too fearful to stand by you in times of trouble.

Home and Family
Nobody loves a cozy atmosphere like a Libran born Rat. Thing is, this person is not expert at creatong said ambiance and needs a homier soul to get furnishings and decor together.If it were up to the Rat/Libra, he would call in a decorator and have him build everything from some grandiose Rat/Libra inspired plan. He’s not much of a putterer, this Rat. And he isn’t drawn to things noncerebral, like model airplanes or lawnmowers. This person’s home is only as beautiful as his decorator is talented. It will be decidely practical under any circumstances.

As a parent this person is reliable and responsible, warmhearted and sincere, communicative in the extreme and not all that lenient. Libra/Rats want their kids to excel in everything. They take their children’s victories (and their failures) personally. Rat/Libras are essentially social parents and love being part of everything their children do. From the PTA bake sale to the Little League picnic committee, you can count on Libra/Rat parent to be there with the bells on.

The Libra/Rat child is a hypersensitive chatterbix. He or she will probably respond ticklishly to criticism and have a hard time accepting disapproval from parents or teachers. Personality is a definite plus in Libra/Rat kids, so of course they will be popular among their peers. Encourage this child to read. Words delight the Libra/Rat and may indeed furnish him wiath a sound future metier.

To stem the flow of words emanating from the Libra/Rat is to cruelly hinder his or her development. Libra/Rats think aloud. They are supremely talented in all work involving communication, persuasion and sociability. They can be both meddling and quarrelsome and need occasional squelching from superiorsto stay in line. Libra/Rat is a dickerer over prices and understands the value of a shekel. He or she is idealistic about career matters. Libra/rats don’t see themselves as any small potatoes. They’re intellectual as well as dynamic.

Rats born in Libra make less partial bosses than one might think.Libra loosens the Rat’s tight grip on his underlings, making him more altruistic and diplomatic. Oh, yes. He does blab a lot. But then better a blathering boss than the old strong silent mean type.

if you aim to employ this fellow gainfully, you’d better make sure he works in a closet without telephones. He is very easily distracted by communication with coworkers and can be the King of the water cooler crowd if not held in check.

Libra/Rat is, however,efficient and well worth his weight in phone bills when it comes to telephone charm.
Good career choices for Libra/Rat are: writer,advertising executive, teacher, composer, salesperson, journalist, entertainer, switchboard operator, psychologist, preacher.

Some famous Libra/Rats:
T.S.Eliot, Thomas Wolfe, Eugene O’Neil, Truman Capote, Jimmy Carter, Jim Henson.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White