Pearl or Moti is ruled by the Moon, the cool calming planet of Hindu astrology. It is an aggregate of sea salts, formed by shellfish under the influence of an irritating agent. Pearls coming from ‘Basra’ are of pure quality and Highly recommended for reducing mental agitations and martial discords. Person having moon as yogakaraka or benefic should always use pearl.

General Characters of Pearl

!. Pearl in silver can mitigate several million tensions.

2. Persons who are indecisive and cannot take decisions should wear a Pearl and addition also recite Gayatri mantra, for thirty days, will obviously have a soothing effect on the mind and will be able to take quick decisions.

3. It enhances memory and concentration. These can be used by scholars or students who want a mark in the class or want to appear in competitive examinations. NB. Students with poor concentration and failures should use green tourmaline and Emerald along with pearl.

4. It enhances personal charm and recommended for the fair sex.

5. It enhances optimism in love affairs, and power of understanding.

7. It keeps the wearer from ill reputed persons or unhealthy practices.

8. A good quality pearl minimum of 5.25 ratti acts as protective shield in stormy weather.

9. Wearer also gets self-confidence and enhances mental faculties.

10. Good for those engaged in humanitarian activities like hospital, etc.

A Few Universal Indications for Pearl

  1. Cancer ascendant.
  2. For anyone who wants to develop the above mentioned characteristics the pearl is a tonic in astrology. NB. Excepting few ascendants (vide infra).
  3. It is an ideal possession if Jupiter is weakly placed in the horoscope.
  4. Moon is Scorpio and also benefic.
  5. Being a benefic moon placed in 6/8/12 houses.

Therapeutic Uses of Pearl
In addition to the above mentioned therapeutic uses one may also use pearl in
Epilepsy-along with Emerald + Pukhrai
Giddiness- with or without Quartz
Menstrual disorders -with Amethyst
Mental ailments-with golden Topaz
Migraine-with golden Topaz
Piles-with Gomedh

Pearl for various Ascendant
As mentioned above any one may use pearl except a few ascendant mentioned below. It is harmless protective shield.

  1. Aries. moon lord of 4th also becomes yogakaraka in the star of Sun, Moon or Jupiter, Sun in ascendant + Moon in 4th house creates great yoga. One may deliberately use pearl along with Ruby or red Coral .Gains in landed property and vehicles will be more pronounced.

2. Taurus. Moon lord of 3rd house cannot become yogi anywhere. Moon in 3rd plus running major period of Moon, Moon in 4th aspected by Jupiter or mercury, Moon + Venus in 6th and Mercury + Jupiter in 11th are the combination that may bring great yogas. Running period of moon with above mentioned position may suggest use of pearl.

3. Gemini. Moon lord of 2nd become Yogi when placed in mercury, Jupiter or Venus’s stars. Proper calculation of health and age is essential before wearing pearl as 2nd lord is marak. Moon in 12th, 2nd, 11th, 10th, 9th houses or Moon + Mars in 11th plus Saturn in 9th house are a few very beneficial conditions and one should wear pearl to get the maximum output from life.

4. Cancer. Lagnesh moon become yogi in stars of moon, Jupiter or Sun. Pearl is an essential for them and it is a lifetime gem. Moon in 6th/8/12 houses or afflicted or in Scorpio demands a good quality big pearl to mitigate several miseries.

5. Leo. 12th lord Moon cannot become Yogi anywhere. Placing in 12th+running period of moon itself is the only indication of pearl.

6. Virgo. Moon lord of 11th house provides great Yoga when posited along with Venus in 7th, along with Jupiter in 11th and Sun in 8th. Moon if in 9th or 11th house plus major period of moonitself essentially needs pearl.

7. Libra. natural benefic being lord kendra (10th) becomes Yogi if placed in star of mercury or Moon. Moon + Mars in 7th or Moon in its own sign may bring great yogas. In above conditions one may wear a pearl specially when major period of Moon is running.

8.Scorpio moon lord of trikona is always auspicious and also become Yogi when placed in star of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Pearl is a lifetime gem along with Pukhraj. They must wear a pearl.

9. Sagittarius. Lord of 8th moon cannot become Yogi. When placed in its own sign plus running a major period of Moon, one may use pearl.

10. Capricorn. Lord of maraka house; Moon can provide great yoga if placed in Cancer and Mars in capricorn . On the whole one should always avoid pearl with the exception of the above mentioned conditions.

11. Aquarius. Lord of 6th moon neither provides yoga nor become Yogi anywhere. They should not wear a pearl.

12. Pisces. Lord of trikona Moon also becomes Yogi in stars of Jupiter, Mercury and Moon. 5th house is 9th to 9th from ascendant which also signifies bhagya. Moon in 11th +Saturn in 5th or Moon in 2nd +Mars in 5th or Moon + Mercury + Mars in 10th or Moon + Mercury + Mars + Jupiter in 4th or Moon and Saturn in ascendant + mars in 11th + Venus in 8th all these combinations may bring unexpected rewards. One should always wear a pearl if the above conditions exists in the chart or Moon is ill disposed.

More About Pearl
Weight of pearl should be 2, 4, 6, 11, carats. It should be got set in ring form on Monday/Thursday of Shukla paksha, especially if the Moon is progressing through cancer or Taurus. Metal is silver and finger is 4th (little). It should be worn on Monday morning between 07:30-09:00 hours, specially if the day is ruled by Rohini, hasta or Sharavana stars. One should recite mantra Om sharang shareeng sharoong saw chardramase namah” ideally 11000 times and should perform pooja with white flowers. Chandra yantra and white chandan. Articles to be donated are rice, ghee, white clothes and milk products. Chandra namaskar is also favourable in the evening. Inimical gem to the pearls is Gomedha and its age is 2 years, 1 month, 27 days after which it should be changed.

Dedicated to Lord Moon

Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology: Dr NeeraJ Lalwani