The First House

The First door to our World – Reaction to our Environment – How others see us – How one initiates Actions – Beginnings – Physical Appearance and Vitality.

The First House at a Glance
House Classifications: Cardinal
Opposite House: Seventh
Natural Ruler: Mars
Core Meaning: Developing the Means

Traditional Meaning: Beginnings, outer appearance

The first house, beginning at the degree of the Ascendant, is often referred to as the ‘window’ or ‘front door’ of the personality because it holds the key to how we view life, and the way we come across to others. Different signs colour the Ascendant with different hues, which affects the view both from within looking out and from the outside looking in.

In psychological terms, the first house represents the ‘persona’ or mask, that we initially present to the world, for it is only as people get to know us better that we begin to drop the mask and let them see us as we really are. As a result, the first house often hides our true individuality as characterized by the other planets, especially the Sun. For example, Libra in the first house would disguise the intensity of someone born with the Sun in Scorpio, by revealing a conciliatory, equivocating face that belies the natural desire of Scorpio to get to the heart of the mattter.

Physically the first house is said to ‘determine our appearance and our vitality. It also brings a youthful enthusiasm to our instinctive self expression. As children, we quickly learn to use our first house – as modified by the sign and any planets found here – for it is our most accessible point of entry into a larger and wonderous world. Because the Ascendant marks our beginning in this life, it is also reckoned to reveal how we approach any new situation or venture.

Planets in the First House
Planets in this house tend to express their energies instinctively, demanding to have their voice heard without much awareness of or consideration for others’ viewpoints. As a result, it is often difficult for an individual with first house planets to see their energies objectively, especially in terms of the effect they have on other people. A notable exception to this rule is Saturn, who is often all too concerned with what others think.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer: Felix Lyle & Bryan Aspland