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Vastu Vasthu

What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and time-tested Indian technique, an aspect of architecture, which helps in making an effective layout for preparing a land for constructing buildings, homes, offices, schools, etc. Applying Vastu can make these buildings very congenial for living and working as it invokes the special powers in the Universe by harmonising the laws of nature. It is said that a Vastu planned place or Vastu Interior Design is bound to enhance your health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

Vastu draws from areas like art, astronomy, astrology, science and is believed to be the application of ancient mysticism to the construction and designing of buildings. Well, If you are facing problems in life, Vastu can help you get rid of problems and change your life.

Comprehensive compilation of ancient Hindu traditions, vaastu shastra is primarily designed as an art, further developed as science and astrologically interpreted as a method-driven solution for healthy living. World peace is a burning need of the hour and this universal call needs to be answered right at the time of raising the child; nurturing them in an environment that defines peace.

It will give you a closer insight about vaastu shastra. In the world of Vastu Shastra and briefs you better on which land is suitable as a Vaastu for a house. Not only this, the selected places will also be the ones that attract magnetic energy from elemental forces: the Sun, the Earth, the Sky, the Air, and the Water.

With a deep knowledge on vastu basics, discovering ancient vastu principles & practices and interpreting the value of land in terms of shapes and other geographical characteristics, there are other little things that play an important role in indian vastu shastra- like Debris and unearthed rubbish. From positioning it as per Sun’s unseen benefits to living a peaceful and comfortable life, basic positive elemental influences are all what we can hope for.

Get to know more on how to lay out your house in such a manner using vedic vastu that brings in a stable balance amongst you and the nature. The objective of vasthu is to welcome new optimistic vibes and at the same time save yourself from unseen hostility. Positive influences will bring happiness throughout even on the health and business front. However, negative vibrations can bring in grief and losses. Behind every location and positioning, goes a purpose. Overall, what we do as the residents of the house according to indian vastu is truly dependent on the basis of our room positioning.

Being a wide field, Vaastu Shastra does not limit. However, a basic outlook of favourable and unfavourable will help to develop your own instincts to recognize a suitable land, a correct alignment, and an ideal location. To get the depth vastu details, getting deep down in understanding the scientific reasons will help to appreciate the logic of ancient traditions which will further help to achieve happiness, contentment, and inner peace.

Reference: Vedic Astrology