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Taurus: The Bull-April 21-May 21-2

– that they are materialists in the very sense of the word. Those born under the sign of Taurus are very talented at acquiring and consolidating wealth and power, which they seek mainly for the purpose of ensuring their own safety and survival and that of their offspring.

They are not only earthly, but down-to-earth-practical, nurturing, home loving, conventional, conservative, moralistic. They tend to have great stamina and endurance, both mentally and physically. They also have a knack for focusing their energies toward a specific goal and moving relentlessly, if slowly, toward it.

More often than not, Taureans get what they go after. There is a negative side to Taureans’ materialism. They may be possessive, controlling, and overconcerned with money, security, creature comforts, and convenience; they may even be prone to ostentation and avarice. In matters of the heart, they sometimes treat their partners as personal property, and they are capable of fierce jealousy and even violent anger.

depending on certain aspects of Taureans’ astrological charts, they may be melancholy by nature, world-weary, brooding, and pessimistic, or may be hedonistic and inclined to exaggerated extroversion and a lack of self-control.

These unattractive traits are apt to come to the fore, however, only when Taureans’ misconstrue their true roles as custodians and nurturers, stewardship must never be confused with ownership. If Taureans keep their balance and maintain their harmonious oneness with nature, they will flourish. If they stray from the path, they risk being consumed by greed.

Astrology holds that plodding Taureans lack agility and liveliness of mind. They are said to be bull-headed and fixed in their ways: stubborn, tunnel-visioned, inflexible, impervious to the opinions of others. But their slow and burdened mental gait should never be mistaken for stupidity. Unlike Arians, Taureans think things through. Their ideas are carefully conceived, planted, tended, and harvested like crops.

Thus the sign of the Bull has produced some of the world’s most profound thinkers, among them Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Immanuel kant, Soren Kierkegaard, and Sigmund Freud. Even Taureans not gifted with single-minded genius often make reliable and conscientious workers because of their methodical and tenacious ways.

Where others may swerve from a task or leave it undone, Taureans will preserve. Anatomically, Taurus is associated with the throat and hence the voice. many Taureans are noted for their musical talents, others for their distinctive vocal qualities.

Some astrologers believe parents are well-advised to give Taurean children early musical training, since many of these youngsters have innate musical abilities. The great jazz musicians Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald were born under the sign of the Bull, as were actors Lionel Barrymore, Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles.

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