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Neptune Is Going Direct & It’s Time To Manifest Your Dreams

Neptune Is Going Direct & It’s Time To Manifest Your Dreams

Neptune, a planet with an otherworldly and ethereal quality to it, began the six-month planetary moonwalk on 28th June – otherwise known as Neptune Retrograde. The veil over our eyes was lifted, allowing us to see relationships and situations for who and what they truly are. When Neptune turns direct on 3rd December, it’ll take us down the rabbit hole again: hoodwinking, brainwashing and tricking us in its deceptive ways. Don’t be surprised if you get lost in your emotions and believe in the impossible dream. Not only that, but our intuition and paranoias are going to skyrocket, while old wounds have the capacity to heal.

Known as “the divine discontent,” Neptune represents longing, glamour and fantasy. Visualise this: Imagine looking at distant ships that highlight the horizon across the ocean. From a faraway perspective, they may look like beautifully painted art in the sea. Up close, the big vessels full of cargo look like heaps of metal that aren’t as picturesque as we imagined. It may not always be truthful, but we believe in Neptune because it represents the facade we choose to believe in. The mind is a powerful thing and it can fool even the smartest person at times. Remember, often things, situations, and people look different from afar and, at times, we wholeheartedly want to believe that they are what we believe them to be — even if they’re not. The deceptiveness of Neptune is something we’ll be feeling when the illusive planet turns direct.

Like all planets, Neptune has wonderful qualities as well as its shadow side. Neptune is escapism at its best and worst, encouraging art, music, theatre, fashion, makeup, sacrifice, loss, obsession, addiction and seduction. Often, we can use the high or low vibration of the planet without thinking about the repercussions; so it’s important to understand how to harness the creative energy to benefit oneself.

Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, says, when Neptune “wakes up from its long nap, its powers… could create major confusion in relationships and communication. We must be careful by practicing discernment and double-checking our work since this combination is classic for making us miss important details.” Montúfar also stresses the importance of being careful in how we use the energy during the mutable astrological seasons (such as the current Sagittarius days ahead, as well as the upcoming months of Pisces, Gemini and Virgo). She adds: “The Sun will also be squaring Neptune from 8th December to 18th December, so we should tread with care until then. After this date, Neptune’s influence will become weaker and intermittent, being active mostly during Pisces season in the Spring, and Gemini season, in the summer of 2023.”

Use the imaginative and emotional nature of Neptune to write a book or to enhance your personal style. As long as you are not leaning into the lower vibration of the planet, it’ll be easy to implement and manifest your visions into reality. Neptune is a dream maker, which is why it is important to embrace the all-encompassing sentiments that Neptune brings from our subconscious to our hearts and minds. Therefore, we should be careful and mindful in how we use this intense energy as Neptune moves forward.

But don’t feel disheartened, the magical power of Neptune can help us manufacture amazing results as well. Neptune’s waves don’t always represent doom or gloom. We can experience pure and unconditional love under the gaze of this planet, as well as understand our own emotions. Through self-care, meditation and patience, we can use the Neptune energy to help create the world we want, one soft baby step and daydream at a time.

Next year, Neptune retrograde begins again on 30th June and turns direct on 6th December, 2023. This gives us plenty of time to feel our feels and get lost in the fog, until we can conquer our fears and understand our emotions during the next Neptunian backspin.
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