The night sky is about to see something so rare that it’s best known as a saying: the fabled Blue Moon. The Moon won’t look any bluer than usual, and in fact nothing will happen to the Moon itself. And it is not even a Blue Moon in the way the phrase has come to […]

The full “Buck Moon” is set to rise in the sky. But the name doesn’t refer to anything special about the Moon itself. Instead, it is the name it takes whenever the full moon arrives in July. As such, there won’t be anything notable to see about the Moon when it is visible in the sky, beyond […]

Skygazers were treated to a glimpse of a “pink supermoon” as the celestial event lit up the dawn skies across the globe. But those who missed the rare event will still be able to see the Earth’s natural satellite on Tuesday evening as it appears bigger and brighter than usual. The full moon in April […]

Rahu enters Cancer on 9th September, 2017, where it remains up to 23rd March, 2019. During this time Ketu will remain in Capricorn. During the course of the stay of these planets in the signs Cancer and Capricorn the axis will be stationary and will create serious malefic influences at:  -0 degree starting from 8th […]

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