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The Sun Through The Signs

The Sun Through The Signs

The Essential ‘I’- Your sense of Identity – Your Will and Purpose in Life – Your level of Vitality and Self-confidence – Conscious Self Expression – Your Blind Spot

AriesEnergetic and direct, with a strong sense of individuality, enjoys a challange and initiating action; hates giving up; needs to learn patience and moderation.

Taurus Patient and determined, with lusty physical appetites; values stability and possessions; dislikes upheaveal and being rushed; needs to learn to be more adaptable.

Gemini Alert and communicative, with a ‘switchboard’ capacity for learning; thrives on variety and novelty; resents mental drudgery; needs to learn the power of commitment.

Cancer Emotional and intuitive; with a strong sense of personal attachment; loves familiarity; dislikes confrontation and emotional quagmires; needs to learn to be less touchy.

Leo Warm and generous, with a flair for dramatization; flourishes when centre stage; dislikes authority and being ignored; needs to learn to soften pride and accept criticism.

Virgo Conscientious and methodical, with a fine eye for detail; loves to be of service and to create order: ‘hates not being into the know’; needs to learn self-worth and to trust feelings.

Libra Gregarious and considerate, with a strong social sense; yearns to please and to be pleased; recoils from injustice and disharmony; needs to learn to handle conflict firmly.

Scorpio Strong-willed and self-contained, with a talent for probing; prizes loyalty and total involvement; deplores indifference and superficiality; needs to learn to be more open.

Sagittarius Optimistic and sincere, with an insatiable thirst for ‘exploration’; cherishes freedom and aiming high; hates detail and hypocrisy, needs to learn discipline.

Capricorn Resourceful and persevering, with a strong sense of duty; believes fervently in tradition and order, distrusts the untried and untested; needs to learn compassion.

Aquarius Companionable and quirks, with a humanitarian streak; loves originality and independence; shuns practicalities; needs to learn to accept ‘darkside’ of emotions.

Pisces Sympathetic and impressionable with a poweful imagination; value giving, escaping and mystery; resents drab reality and suffering; needs to learn to be less self-pitying.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer: Felix Lyle-Bryan Aspland